InterLibrary Loan

InterLibrary Loan Librarian

Cindy Shipley

If we do not have the item you want, we may be able to borrow it from another library. Dodge City Public Library is part of a cooperative system of libraries that lend each other materials. This is called Interlibrary loan. Our borrowing is mostly from libraries in Kansas, but we can borrow materials from all over the nation! Most of our loan requests are granted and items are usually available in less than two weeks.

There are three ways a patron can request an Interlibrary loan:

  1. Ask for the Material Request form at the front desk of the library; or
  2. Fill out our online Interlibrary Loan Form; or
  3. Email me directly at

Cindy Shipley
Technical Services Specialist

To make the process work faster, you can see if the item you want is available for Interlibrary loan. The first step is to see if the item is already part of the Dodge City Public Library collection. Check out our online catalog:

Dodge City Public Library

Dodge City Public Library
Online Catalog

If the item is not part of our collection, then see if it can be found in a library in Kansas by visiting the Kansas Library Catalog:

Kansas Library Catalog

Kansas Library Catalog

If the item is not found in the State of Kansas, you may search globally with WorldCat, a source that includes almost all the libraries in the USA and Canada, and many libraries from many other countries:


The world’s largest library catalog

After you find your item, print off the item’s record. Use that information to fill out the request form (whether on paper or online). Make sure to include Title and Author. Copyright Date, ISBN, and Edition will also make the search faster.
Thank you.