Name Title Ext. Email
Michael Biltz Collection and Finance Librarian 205
Jasmin Castillo Library Assistant 208
Shannon Forrest Lead Library Assistant 208
Philip Handsaker Community Relations Specialist 214
Daisy Hernandez Library Assistant 231
Diedre Lemon Executive Director  204
Michelle Montalvo-Gonzalez Library Assistant 200
Matt Moyer IT Specialist 221
Alvaro Ortiz Grounds & Facilities Specialist 225
Vicky Ortiz Bilingual Services Specialist 222
Amy Reinert-Price Lead Children’s Assistant 220
Noemi Rodriguez Library Assistant 233
Michael Santy Technical and Historical Research Coordinator 216
Anna Schinstock Cataloguing Assistant 207
Cindy Shipley Technical Services Specialist 228
Sam Shipley Reference Specialist 201
Frank Shipps Grounds and Facilities Specialist 225
Cynthia Thomson Administrative Coordinator 210
Karina Tretto Library Assistant 232
Alex Valtierra Library Assistant 203
Eve Wayman Lead Catalog Librarian 227
Brooke Zarco Youth and Family Services Librarian 207